The days are long but the years are short

If you are a mom or dad like me you probably can’t remember the last time you had a hot cup of coffee that was still hot at the last drop or a night you actually slept 8 hours without an interruption.  I get why some people don’t have any kids and I get why some of my friends have five. Raising kids is hard but totally fulfilling.

Friends told me I would be so tired with a newborn but nobody told me years later I would still be lacking sleep with a 4 year old who has occasional nightmares or a 2 year old who prefers your hair as a lovey.  Trying to scheduling a pedicure or a date with your spouse is more complicated than doing your taxes!

I could have run circles around myself as a mom of one.  Having two kids (especially when they are babies or toddlers) requires more than two hands maybe even more than four. A simple trip to the grocery story takes about an hour and a half with just one child and you end up leaving with a bunch of random purchases when you get distracted a billion times or your child gets hungry.

Children will teach you how to eat a sandwich faster then a champion food competitor. They will show you that going to the bathroom requires an audience.  They will challenge you to a better debate then you could have had in any college class.  But they will also teach you to laugh so hard you will pee your pants and teach you to love so hard your heart will feel like it could just burst out of your chest.

Although I am exhausted half the time and don’t have much time for myself, I am scared for that day to come when they are all grown up and don’t need me anymore. My daughter asked me the other day when she would turn 5.  I told her to just enjoy being 4 that she will turn 5 soon enough.

There are still lots of poopy diapers, lots of screaming, crying and lots of snuggles on my chest still ahead for me. I am going to enjoy every moment because one day I will blink and my children will be asking me for the car keys and the house will be silent and I will miss the noise.  I will miss the sound of a diaper rustling, I will miss the sound of that little voice asking for a snack, and I will miss the way their hiney sticks up in the air when they are deep in sleep.  The days ahead will be long but I know the years are short.


What do you miss the most from your children being babies, toddlers?


A perfect gift for Mothers day *giveaway*

Its the month of May, one of my favorite months!  Spring is here.   I am starting to see flowers in bloom everywhere and one of my favorite holidays is coming up.  Mothers Day.  Mothers day is very special to me because I didn’t know if I would be able to become a mother.  Before my daughter was born I experienced a miscarriage and again before my son was born I miscarried.  I can happily say today I am blessed with two healthy children.

Since Mothers Day is so dear to me I wanted to share with you an extra special gift you can give to your mother this holiday. I love having my babies close to my heart and a locket is the perfect way to keep their faces near whenever they aren’t in your arms!  Recently I came across a company called Pictures on  where you can design your own locket with a personalized inscription and photos for an affordable price. The best part is its easy to do and they ship your locket in one day for you last minute shoppers!


The color laser they use is 100% waterproof and scratch proof and their work is guaranteed for a lifetime. The design process is easy with step by step instructions from start to finish and can be done on a mobile phone or desktop. In fact from start to finish it took me just 10 minutes to design mine.  It took me longer to decide which photos to use! If your photos have people that are spaced apart in them they can fix it. Their technicians can also fill white space or remove a background if needed.  No need to be proficient in photo shop!



Plus your personalized gift comes in a beautiful gift box.

IMG_0770 Check out their website at to design your own beautiful, sentimental and personalized gift for your mother or for yourself this Mothers Day and enter to win one  here:

I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day!


Lunchbox Love

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I love when my preschooler comes home with an empty lunchbox.  It means I made not only a nutritious lunch but a delicious one too!  My daughter eats what I call a bento style lunch.  I pack a few different things in small amounts so in case I have a miss I know that she din’t go hungry and that she consumed a variety of nutrients.

My favorite lunchbox goody of late is my protein truffles.  The recipe is super easy and soooo delicious but its also loaded with healthy protein and no added sugar.  Plus my daughter thinks she is getting a special chocolate treat.  Score!

Here are the ingredients:

Organic Almond Butter (8 oz)

Organic Almond milk (1/8 cup) add more as needed

Organic Mejool dates (a handful)

Chia Seeds (1 tablespoon)

Cacao nibs (2 tablespoons)

Organic Chocolate protein powder (2 tablespoons)

Cocoa powder

Coconut flakes

Mix the first six ingredients together in a food processor until its a sticky consistency that holds together.  Next start rolling about a teaspoon size amount into a ball and place on baking sheet lined with parchment paper. One one side of the sheet pour out some cocoa powder on the other side pour out coconut flakes and start rolling the balls to coat them.  I like to split them in half so you have a variety.  You can also roll the protein truffles in crushed nuts, dried fruits, sesame seed or granola.  Get creative and pick your favorites. Also the ingredients are interchangeable and you can add more or take away or swap out based upon your dietary preferences. Peanut butter for almond butter or coconut milk for almond milk.  Yum! Store in a tight glass container.  They will stay fresh in the fridge for about a week but I guarantee they wont last that long at your house.  The kids will be begging for more and when you are running around and realized you haven’t eaten lunch these will hold you over.  Enjoy!

Easy Acai smoothie bowl

I have been searching high and low for the perfect breakfast.  Something hardy but not too heavy. Something tasty but not too sweet.  Above all healthy  and particularly low in sugar!  Finally I found the perfect breakfast.  Acai smoothie bowl. Besides the taste I love that I can make this breakfast in 5 minutes! Perfect for busy mornings.

The recipe is simple.  Purchase a bag of frozen acai berry packets (make sure you buy unsweetened). You can find them at Publix and Whole Foods.  Grab a packet and run it under warm water for about 15 seconds.  Throw it in the blender with a healthy splash of coconut water and a small handful of your favorite frozen for fresh fruit.  I usually add blackberries.  I try to keep my sugar grams low so I don’t add too much fruit and sometimes I throw in some spinach.  I promise you wont taste it!

Blend until smooth and yogurt like consistency.  Pour in a bowl.  Top with your favorite nuts, coconut flakes, cocoa nibs, a scoop of almond butter, granola (but check the sugar content) and drizzle with a little honey. You have a healthy protein packed breakfast that is loaded with antioxidants and will fuel for the day. Of course feel free to change the toppings to your liking.  Breakfast should be fun!


What do you put in your smoothie bowls?

Mommy summer fashion and giveaway!


Style changes once you become a mom.  High heels that pinched a little but made your legs look amazing are replaced with flip flops because they are simply comfortable and your feet are just not the same after growing a human.  Form fitting dresses are replaced by flowy tops and longer shorts because you just can’t get on the floor with a baby while wearing a dress.  Chain necklaces are easily broken by baby hands so accessorizing tends to be a nursing scarf.

But fortunately being a mom doesn’t mean fashion is non-existant. You don’t need to wear sweatpants and a t-shirt  to function.  You can easily pull together a functional and fashionable outfit in a few minutes with some basic pieces.  Start with some neutral color shorts in navy, khaki and a dark jean pair.  Then find a few form fitting v-neck tees in white and grey. Pair with some neutral leather low heel sandals and finish it with a statement piece.  My favorite accessory right now is the Nuby teething necklace in Aqua.  It brightens up any outfit, its sturdy and is the perfect toy for your teething baby.

I have fallen in love with the Nuby necklace and so has my 5 month old son. It is a wearable teether so you will always have it with you.  Genius!  It is made of 100% silicone and has a soft textured surface that is perfect to ease sore gums. The safe snap clasp will withstand a toddlers curious hands. And it is only $14.99 at Babies R Us!  Nuby hit this one out of the ballpark for a fashion meets function necklace at an affordable price!  Plus they come in 4 colors, deep purple, teal (pictured) white and gray. One lucky mom will be sporting this gorgeous necklace soon in their choice of color!  I am giving one away!!!!  Enter here:

In the meantime grab some basic clothing pieces spruce up your wardrobe and head to Walmart or Babies R Us to check out Nubys full line of teething necklaces.

I hope your staying cool, comfortable and fashionable in the summer heat!


For additional information about these Nuby products, follow Nuby on their social media sites or

Disclosure: I am part of the Nuby parents blogger team. All reviewed products are given to me in part or in whole for my time to produce a review. All opinions are my own.


Dear Motherless Moms

imageWith Mothers day just around the corner my husband keeps asking me what I want for mothers day. Diamond earrings flash through my head but in my heart my answer is always the same.  My mom.

My mom lost her battle to breast cancer 8 years ago.  She never saw me married, she never met my now husband, she never saw me pregnant and she never got to hold her grandchildren.  It’s thinking of those milestone moments that make me miss her more than anything. Even though I am a grown adult with children, there are times when I still desperately want her to hold me just so I can smell her special scent. I still want to hear her voice tell me she is proud of me and I would love to shop till I drop with her by my side (because that was our thing).  That is what I want for mothers day.

Instead on this Mothers Day, I will look at my beautiful daughters face as she tells me she wont share her dark chocolate. I cant blame her my mom wouldn’t either.  I will give my daughter a thick slice of bread with butter and watch how she gobbles it up, because its her favorite snack just like my mother.  I will watch when strangers approach and all of a sudden my bubbly girl gets shy just like my mother. And I will beam with pride as my daughter sings her heart out to her favorite song because she is confident just like my mother.

There is no replacement for your mother.  There is no way for that empty space in your heart to be filled. On Mothers Day when I miss her terribly  I try to think of what my mom would say to me.  She would say “Don’t be sad, your smile is too pretty. It’s time to celebrate you now because your a mom”. This Mothers Day when the sadness comes creeping in, I will smile, embrace my sweet memories of my mother and I will hug my children so tight because I am incredibly fortunate to have them.

Dear Motherless Moms you are not alone. Your mother will be with you every day in your children’s faces, actions and in your memories.  Happy Mothers Day to all moms.  You are very special!



The back to nature diet

After taking a pole of my peer group in their 30s they all agreed they would love to lose a few pounds.  Five to ten pounds and keep it off most agreed.  I don’t believe I know anyone who is completely satisfied with their weight, especially my female friends after having a baby.  But we all can agree that losing weight can be challenging.  I don’t think exercise is the answer either.  I am an advocate for exercise but I feel that diet is the foundation to losing weight and overall health.  Health is like a house, if you build a strong foundation the house will stand. Exercise is the compliment to the diet.

I gained 40 pounds recently when I was pregnant with my son and after 3 months I am proud to say I have lost 36 of those pounds.  I lost the weight by simple changes to my diet and walking a mile 5 days a week.  The changes to my diet are pretty simple to implement.  I call it the back to nature diet because that’s what it is.  Its eating foods in their raw form whenever possible, eliminating processed foods and buying semi-processed foods like cheese and butter the way they should be from grass fed animals. Here are a few tips to getting back to nature in your diet:

  1. Increased your vegetable servings to 7-8 a day
  2. Cut out or limit your white flour and substitute wheat, almond or other types of flour
  3. Drink water with lemon or infused water with every meal
  4. For sugar cravings eat dark chocolate with a high cacao content
  5. Have a vegetarian night at least once a week
  6. Only eat grass fed beef, organic chicken and wild caught fish
  7. Snack on nuts, beans and apples to keep you full in between meals
  8. Eat healthy fats like avocados, grass fed cheese, and grass fed butter
  9. Cook with high heat nut oils like sunflower
  10. Use coconut sugar in your coffee or green tea if you need a sweetener

Keep in mind there is no such thing as a diet that works permanently.  Changing what and how you eat is the only way you can have successful permanent weight loss and health.  Best of luck in your quest!

Has a particular diet change worked for you?  Let me know in the comments.