New Years Eve with a toddler

So it’s new years eve and I am excited even though hubby and I are not leaving the house.  We have a toddler now so things have changed but that doesn’t mean the fun and good times are over.  This year we planned an indoor picnic (the weather is a little cold for outside).  I picked up our favorite goodies at one of my favorite gourmet retailers instead of cooking.  We will have a smorgasbord of cheese, fresh rosemary olive oil bread, olive oil for dipping of course, chicken salad, fresh fruit salad, and spicy Chinese noodle salad. Is your mouth-watering yet?  Mine is!  Don’t forget a specialty drink!  We are making homemade mojitos.  In case you are wondering a mojito is a wonderfully refreshing Cuban drink made famous more than a century ago.  Making a specialty drink is a great way to spice up the night instead of doing the typical champagne. Don’t forget the fun of taking turns playing bartender.

Here is my Mojito recipe:

1 oz lime juice (fresh is best)

2tsp simple syrup (you can make your own)

2 sprigs fresh mint (this is a must)

A few splashes of sparkling water (I love Peligrino)

2 ounces of white rum (Bacardi is always a winner)

ice (love it crushed)

Fill up a highball glass with ice. Now muddle the lime, sugar and mint.  Pour mixture in your glass and add rum.  Top it off with a few splashes of your sparkling water.  Garnish with a lime and some mint.  Enjoy!  Happy New Years!  Please be safe and drink responsibly.  See you next year!


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