I have never been a huge fan of making New Years Resolutions.  I think when we feel forced to make a resolution it usually is something unrealistic or unattainable.  So this year I am proposing a New Year’s Reflection.  Lets look back at the previous year and see how we could make the current year even better.  What daily, weekly or monthly goals do we need to put into action to make it the best year yet.  So here goes my top 4:

1. Eating cleaner- Processed foods are out of my pantry.  If the ingredients are not simple on your packaging you won’t be in my shopping cart.  Many companies ( I won’t mention names here) use chemicals in their products that are considered to be poisons in other countries.  Be an educated consumer and stop purchasing these products.  Fight back with your dollar and we can eat the way our grandparents did, organic without the price tag. Check out  She is one of my favorite bloggers on clean eating.

2. More date nights with hubby- Sometimes when we are trying to be the best mom or dad to our kids we forget that our marriage came before the babies. It’s just you and me hubby at least once a week!

3.  More spontaneity- We fall into ruts  very quickly.  It’s a fact! Suddenly our whole life has to be planned.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Plan a weekend getaway on Monday for that weekend.  Yes it is possible to do this with kids.  I will talk more about this in my travel section.  Just planned my first weekend getaway today! I am so excited.

4. Eliminate the little stressors- Oh Yes, easier said than done! Focus on the word little.  In our new house our internet wireless router isn’t powerful enough to carry through every room so my husband and I fight over who gets to be in the best spots when we both need to get online.  We should have just bought a new router.  Problem solved.  Getting on now to order one! Stress begone!

What are your New Years Reflections?


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