The secret to happiness is……… a furry family member

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I wrote this title and I thought I must be crazy.  I have two dogs and a cat currently.  I can’t count how many leather shoes that have been chewed, Victorias Secret panties that have been eaten, furniture that has been scratched up, how many rugs were ruined from pee pee and I could still go on and on.  My pets have caused our family  thousands of dollars in ruined clothing and furniture.  That doesn’t even touch upon the money spent on their all natural, human grade,  organic whatever food that’s probably better then what I eat for lunch on most days! Plus how could I forget the mountain of vet bills.

Have I convinced you to run and adopt a sweet ball of fur yet?

What I haven’t told you is about the way my dogs jump five feet in the air when I walk in the house (even though I only left for an hour).  I wish my husband would do that! Or the way my lab licks my face clean if only one tear falls.  Not to mention how my cat lays on my back when its so sore. No heating pad could relax me the way he does.  A vitamin, a special diet, or surgery won’t keep you feeling young the way having a pet does, at least that’s what a lot of experts say.  Frankly I believe it.  I have grown up with pets all my life and they have taught me a ton. Dogs forgive in minutes.  They can have fun with just a ball. They think a car ride is the best thing since sliced bread and all they want to do is please you.  Wouldn’t that be great if people were that easy?  Check out your local shelter.  There are always wonderful cats and dogs that would love to bring you joy and become a part of your family.

Please share how your furry family member has brought you joy I would love to hear about it.


3 thoughts on “The secret to happiness is……… a furry family member”

  1. Hi I’m Marty and I had a little dog that would sleep on my arm with her legs wrapped around my arm. She buried her face in my neck and would snore all night long. It was like music to my ears😃


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