Do you measure up?

Baby Ava photo

As soon as you have a baby, that child is thrust into a world where measurements tell his or her future.  The pediatrician takes measurements of weight, height and head size and your baby is put into a percentile.  When that measurement falls below 50% I think sometimes we as parents believe we fell short or did something wrong.  Thus begins the quest to becoming the perfect parent.

When we set our sites on becoming the best mom or dad our lives start to revolve around our children and there’s where everything goes wrong.  We forget that we were wives and husbands before we became parents.  Before you became a husband or wife you had to become satisfied with yourself.  Think about going back to that beginning.  Start living healthy, taking care of yourself and finding happiness in your own personal accomplishments.  If you do this you will be the best partner to your spouse.  Happiness is contagious.  If you are taking care of your spouse your bound to be a better parent.  Kids see everything,  don’t be fooled.  So if you want to become the best parent become the best you first and everything else will fall into place. Remember as well that in that moment when you first met your baby,  he or she was perfect and so were you.

I would love to hear about your challenges in the struggle for becoming the best parent.  Comment below and tell me about them.


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