The dog days of winter


Living in the South I thought winter would be mild, but not this year.  It seems the hot topic of conversation is the weather.  I  am not a winter fan.   I love the sun on my face and the ability to walk outside without a coat.  It makes me feel alive!

Instead of complaining about the weather I am going to embrace it and take the time now to focus on family fun without electronics and getting things done around the house.  This way once spring hits  we will have time to take walks and enjoy the fresh air!  Here is my list of

10 things to do in the winter:

1. Try a new recipe- The best time to experiment with cooking is when you have time.  Break out that crock pot too.  They are very to use and you can make anything from chili to mac and cheese in them.

2.  Do your spring cleaning- Clean out those closets.  If you didn’t wear the item last spring/summer it’s time to get rid of it.

3. Work on your photo albums and scrapbooks- Get out all those precious photos of your little ones and organize them or start printing the 100’s you have on your smart phone

4. Plan your spring garden- Research flowers and vegetables that you are thinking about growing and put a plan together so when the ground is thawed your ready with shovel and seeds in hand.

5. Take a walk in the snow- Snow makes everything bright.  Even though I am not a fan of cold I love taking a walk when there is fresh snow on the ground at night.

6. Don’t text, call- Catch up with friends and loved ones the “old fashioned way” on the phone where can you hear emotions.

7. Write in a journal to your kids- There is something very special about reading letters that a parent wrote to you when you were a child.  Videos and photos won’t replace this sentiment that you can express in a letter.

8. Clean out your inbox- Just like your closet your email needs cleaning up to.  Organize old emails into folders and delete anything that isn’t needed for future use.

9. Get crafty- Do you sew, paint, or take pictures?  Take the time to nourish that art and plan a project for those cold days you are stuck indoors.

10. Play board games- Put away the electronics and break out the monopoly board or trivial pursuit.  Invite the neighbors over so they get a break from the inside of their own house.  Make popcorn from scratch.  Yumm!  There is nothing like homemade popcorn. Just ask my husband!

Tell me in the comments your favorite things to do  in winter.



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