I never thought I would pick some one else’s nose

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Being a parent changes you.  Once you fall in love with that plump little face you will do anything for your child.  My days of high heels and skinny jeans are not over but they do tend to sit in the back of the closet.  I used to have a wardrobe that couldn’t fit in two closets.  Now my daughter dresses better than me on an average day.

I realized that I do sacrifice a bit of my own grooming and personal comfort for my childs. I eat leftovers off my child’s plate so it doesn’t go to waste.  A hot cup of coffee is a rare delight on most days. Oh and the sleep I have lost to cuddle someone when they just don’t want to sleep alone.  But what I never realized was the crazy things that parents do just because we are parents.

This is my top five list of things I would never do:

  1. Pick my child’s nose- Sometimes a tissue just doesn’t do the job so someone has to clear the way when the bulb suction isn’t available
  2. Entertain an audience in a bathroom- Toddlers are curious about everything and anything and they don’t like closed doors.
  3.  Eat baby food- I am in a rush and I don’t always get to eat a warm breakfast.  On occasion a packet of sweet potato and peaches has slipped in my hand.  Baby food has come along way.  It’s actually tasty and healthy too.
  4. Walk out of the house with stained clothing- Your about to walk out the door, diaper bag in hand, fresh diaper on baby, and boom baby spits up on your shoulder or your toddler had a leftover cookie and smeared it on your shirt
  5. Try my own breast milk- Curiosity overtook me one day and lets just say it may be nutritious but its certainly not delicious.

Being a parent is all about learning, growing and adapting.  During this journey of parenthood I have never laughed harder.  I embrace every moment. Please share in the comments below something you never thought you would do as parent.


4 thoughts on “I never thought I would pick some one else’s nose”

  1. I was just having a conversation very similar to this with my husband the other day LOL You are not alone! 🙂 Great post!!


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