Road tripping with your furry family


I am a sucker for puppy dog eyes.  My two furry boys follow me around the house insisting to be by my side constantly.  They don’t ask for much, just some quality kibble, lot of snuggling and fresh air.  So when it’s time for a vacation I hate leaving them behind.

But traveling with pets isn’t easy.  From finding a pet friendly place to stay to finding a place for them to potty during the road trip, there are lots of challenges.  I like vacations to be as stress free as possible so I came up with a few resources and tips to make it easy for you to take your furry family on your next trip.

1. Expect pet fees or additional cleaning fees for pet friendly hotel rooms or vacation homes. Recently I tried to book a pet friendly vacation home and the deposits cost more than the stay.  I was shocked!  A reasonable pet fee will depend on your length of stay but expect to pay between $25-$100 per pet non-refundable.

2. Plan in advance and confirm the hotel you will be staying at takes pets and confirm weight limits too.  From the affordable La Quinta to a more luxurious Marriott you will find that many hotels accept pets now.  But check their policy for fees, weight limits and if you need to bring a crate.  If you prefer a vacation home you can search on sites like VRBO and HomeAway using a pet friendly search key to narrow down your options.

3. Bring the pet beds.  It may take up a lot of extra room but you want your furries to feel safe and comfortable in their home away from home.  Their beds and a favorite toy or two will do the trick. Treats too!

4.  Don’t forget extra blankets and towels.  Be respectful of where you stay.  If you know your pet is obsessed with the couch bring a blanket to cover it.  And for those ocean swims make sure you have extra towels to dry off those sandy paws.

5. Tire them out!  A tired dog is a happy dog and will be more relaxed when you leave the room to go out on non-pet friendly excursions.  Many beaches allow you to bring your dogs and every city typically has a dog park or two.  Check out Trip Advisor to find the best pet friendly attractions in the city you are traveling too.  My furry boys have been able to explore several beaches, mountains, lakes, an outdoor museum, a dog bar, and a few restaurants with patios.

6. Visit places that embrace the fur!  There are certain cities and even states that embrace furry family more than others.  In my experience, California is the best state to visit with your furry family.  In some cities in California there are little to no restrictions on where they can go.  If you are on the east coast my favorite pet friendly areas are Asheville, NC, St Pete Beach, Fl and Folly Beach, Sc.

7. Share your favorite pet friendly places!  Help your fellow dog and cat lovers and review places that worked well for furry family member travel or excursions.  This makes it easier for everyone to have a furry family vacation!

Do you travel with your dogs or cats?  Where have you taken them?  Where do you stay?  Tell me in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Road tripping with your furry family”

  1. I so love this post. We have dogs and travel a lot. And by a lot I mean once a month we up and decide to take road trips. We have never felt comfortable about boarding. We have amazing friends that watch our dogs. But they are about to have a baby and won’t be able to do it as much. Plus our dogs get sad while we are gone, we have always gone over the “how do we bring them with us?” And “what hotels will take us?” Questions. We have wanted to bring our dogs on the longer trips with us. This post speaks to me. I am literally headed to the sites mentioned. Thanks a bunch.


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