Going Green for pregnancy and beyond


Pregnancy changed my way of thinking about food products, cleaning products, personal care items and even furniture. There are so many chemicals in everything we consume and use. I found a great resource to navigate through our chemical ridden world. If you are pregnant, considering getting pregnant or have a friend who is pregnant please share this FREE e book by a fellow blogger Mommy Greenest. http://www.mommygreenest.com/ebook/ It’s an easy read with priceless information, down to earth stories and of course a splash of humor.

In her books she mentions one of my favorite brands, Naturepedic. If you are in the market for a crib mattress or one for yourself, you must check out this brand. Toxin free mattresses are hard to find and this company strives to make the safest and most comfortable mattresses. I never heard of this brand until I purchased a crib mattress and I am thoroughly impressed with their commitment to safe mattresses that I have decided I need one for myself! Check them out at Naturepedic.com

Pregnancy is a great time to do research and make sure you and baby are protected! Happy reading!


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