Mocktail Monday

I drink a ton of water but lets face it, water can be boring. So when I am thirsty for something refreshing on a hot summer day after I have had my fill of water, I reach for a mocktail. Today I am making one of my summer favorites!

Basil lemonade.

The recipe is simple and you can make a whole jug or a glass in minutes. Here are the ingredients:

1 organic lemon

3 sprigs of organic basil

A handful of ice

Simple syrup to taste or two teaspoons of organic sugar (Note: Simple syrup is sugar melted in hot water.)

About about 8oz of water
Basil lemonade ingredients
Start by washing your lemon and cutting it in half. Next grab a 16oz glass and use a hand juicer to squeeze your lemon juice in the glass. Throw in 2 sprigs of basil and use a spoon to muddle it in the bottom of the glass. Add your simple syrup. I recommend using simple syrup in cold drinks because sugar doesn’t mix well in ice cold drinks. You may like more sugar than me. I like my lemonade drinks on the sour side! Finallly fill your glass with ice and add water. Stir well and add a paper straw for fun. Top with a half of a lemon and a sprig of basil. These are so refreshing and they make a fun treat for kids too instead of soda!

Basil lemonade

Do you make mocktails at home? What is your favorite?


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