The back to nature diet

After taking a pole of my peer group in their 30s they all agreed they would love to lose a few pounds.  Five to ten pounds and keep it off most agreed.  I don’t believe I know anyone who is completely satisfied with their weight, especially my female friends after having a baby.  But we all can agree that losing weight can be challenging.  I don’t think exercise is the answer either.  I am an advocate for exercise but I feel that diet is the foundation to losing weight and overall health.  Health is like a house, if you build a strong foundation the house will stand. Exercise is the compliment to the diet.

I gained 40 pounds recently when I was pregnant with my son and after 3 months I am proud to say I have lost 36 of those pounds.  I lost the weight by simple changes to my diet and walking a mile 5 days a week.  The changes to my diet are pretty simple to implement.  I call it the back to nature diet because that’s what it is.  Its eating foods in their raw form whenever possible, eliminating processed foods and buying semi-processed foods like cheese and butter the way they should be from grass fed animals. Here are a few tips to getting back to nature in your diet:

  1. Increased your vegetable servings to 7-8 a day
  2. Cut out or limit your white flour and substitute wheat, almond or other types of flour
  3. Drink water with lemon or infused water with every meal
  4. For sugar cravings eat dark chocolate with a high cacao content
  5. Have a vegetarian night at least once a week
  6. Only eat grass fed beef, organic chicken and wild caught fish
  7. Snack on nuts, beans and apples to keep you full in between meals
  8. Eat healthy fats like avocados, grass fed cheese, and grass fed butter
  9. Cook with high heat nut oils like sunflower
  10. Use coconut sugar in your coffee or green tea if you need a sweetener

Keep in mind there is no such thing as a diet that works permanently.  Changing what and how you eat is the only way you can have successful permanent weight loss and health.  Best of luck in your quest!

Has a particular diet change worked for you?  Let me know in the comments.




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