Munk Pack (non-gmo) Review


I was very excited to try a Munk Pack because I am always on the go.  I thought that a Munk Pack could be the perfect solution for me.  Mornings are so busy at my house and it is a rare day that I can make it out the door with breakfast in my tummy.  Solution Munk Pack.

What is a Munk Punk?  A Munk Pack is a high quality ready to eat fruit snack packed with grains.  It is the perfect nutritious breakfast.  Did I mention tasty too!  I tried three different flavors and I am in love with Raspberry Coconut Oatmeal.  It’s rich tasting but not too sweet. One of my favorite facts about this product is that there is NO sugar added.  But that is not even the best part! When I choose what to eat I like to stick as close to nature as possible.  Munk Pack is just that, simple ingredients, nothing artificial and NO GMO’s which means they are perfect for my whole family.

I know I will be stocking up on these,  so when hunger hits I am prepared.  These are going to be perfect for my busy mornings, post gym workouts and family hiking trips.  Or maybe even for just a quick healthy snack!  It’s back to nature for me! My car won’t be going through any fast food drive-through!

Would you like to try some?  Head on over to my giveaway page or click here:

Tell me in the comments how Munk Pack can help you eat better or when you would use it?

Disclosure: All opinions are my own.  Reviewed products are considered as compensation in part or whole for my time to produce a review and or giveaway. 


3 thoughts on “Munk Pack (non-gmo) Review”

  1. These sound great. I would love for my daughter to try them! I alwYs have a pouch in case she won’t eat anything when we were out. Thanks for the chance and the info! 👍


  2. Sometimes I get up and realize I did not prepare anything for myself and just dont have time to do it in the AM. I’d like to have these ready to go on those hectic mornings!


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