Splish Splash it’s time to take a bath!

My daughter has a ton of toys that sing, light up and talk to her so its refreshing to find simple toys that spur creativity and imagination like the Nuby Splish Splash Bath Time Stacking Cups.  Bath time in itself is a fun event in our home but throw in a few toys and my daughter gets upset when bath time is over.

I love the look of the Nuby stacking cups.  The design is playful, colorful and eye catching.  My daughter didn’t hesitate in grabbing a cup and trying to try to drink from one.  She was puzzled at first when the water sprayed out the bottom. But she soon squealed with delight when she noticed the fun waterfall they made.image

We have some squishy bath toys that my daughter loves but I have had to throw them out. Water was getting trapped inside of them and mold was growing.  I don’t have to worry about those issues with these stacking cups.  They practically clean themselves with the generous holes in the bottom.  I love that! I am so excited to try these out at the pool and on our next beach vacation.  I have a feeling someone may never want to get out of the water!


Nuby Splish Splash Bath Time Stacking cups are designed for children 9 months and older. They are BPA free and can be purchased at your local Baby Depot at Burlington or online at http://www.Amazon.com. For additional information about these Nuby products, follow Nuby on their social media sites  www.facebook.com/nubyusa or www.twitter.com/nubyusa.

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Disclosure:  I am part of the Nuby parents blogger team. All reviewed products are given to me in part or in whole for my time to produce a review.  All opinions are my own.


Me time

We all need some down time. Time to relax.  Time to release some stress.  Time to be by yourself. But how do you find this time on a daily basis if you don’t have daycare at your gym or a babysitter to come over for an hour?  I found a place where you can do just that.  It’s called a salt cave.  Not every city has one of these but I have seen advertisements for ones in New York, North Carolina, Florida, California, Minnesota and Tennessee.  I visited ashevillesaltcave.com.

What is a salt cave?  It’s a room covered from floor to ceiling with Himalayan salt.  Supposedly breathing in the salty air has countless health benefits for aiding with conditions ranging from Asthma to Depression.  I can’t confirm any of these benefits but I can tell you it’s a peaceful, tranquil environment that’s an escape from the hustle and bustle.  Surrounded by salt, water features, peaceful music and low lights you can’t help but feel more relaxed. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes depending on the  salt cave and the cost. The best part is these places allow kids!  They even bring toys for your little one to play with in the salt.   So sit back, relax, read a book or simply enjoy discovery with your little one away from the noisy world. You deserve it!

Have you ever been to a salt cave?  Tell me about your experience.